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New 1000 AD

New 1000 AD is a turn by turn war game and a game of diplomacy. Build a medieval empire through economic development and battle.Games are played in monthly rounds. Resource management and political strategy are aspects that players must master to lead their civilization to victory in this challenging text based game. New 1000 AD is 100% free with no downloads or subscriptions. All you need to play is a web browser and time.

10 different civilizations to choose from and 2 different types of the game to play. Forums,chat and video tutorials to help learn the game faster. Join and existing alliance or create an alliance and lead 9 other players against other alliances. The games last 21 or 28 depending on which server a player chooses. Be a peaceful explorer and gain land peacefully and have strong guard towers or be a devastating attacker and destroy cities with catapults and armies.

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